Ducted vs Split System: Our Guide to Choosing an Air Conditioner

Choosing an air conditioner for your home or office is a major decision which requires considering multiple factors. The ducted vs split system debate has pros and cons on each side, but the choice should come down to which system suits your requirements and budget. Smaller areas and single rooms could be easily serviced by a split system unit, whilst multiple rooms may receive better heating and cooling with a ducted system.

When choosing an air conditioner, a hasty decision can be made based on price, only to find it unsuitable to heat or cool the area required. Before deciding on a unit, take the following into account:

  • Moisture: Invest in an air conditioner which can regulate the moisture within the room, which will reduce discomfort associated with dry eyes and throats.
  • Air quality: Some units have the filtration ability to improve the air within your home, office or commercial space by eliminating dust and particles.
  • Reliability: Some units may operate fine in milder weather, but after a heat wave above 38oC for several days, it can struggle, making your home or office uncomfortable and creating costly energy bills.
  • Climate: Find a unit which will withstand the demands of harsh temperatures and continue to work efficiently in extreme hot or cold.
  • Capacity: Many people try to save on the initial purchase by buying a smaller unit, only to find it struggling to cool or heat an area.

Making the wrong decision on air conditioning can be costly. Read our guide which explains the differences between ducted and split system air conditioning and provides details on the many factors to consider when selecting a system for your space.

Make the Best Choice

Be informed about the ducted vs split system differences before making a decision. If you need more help or have questions, get in touch with the air conditioning experts in Perth on 1300 302 878.